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Come by our Dallas Location to check out our selection of AMSEC Safes. We have a variety of safes, including gun safes. Protect your belongings in your home or office with one of our high-security safes.
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Extra Locksmith offers a convenient way to purchase a safe in Dallas. We have a range of AMSEC Safes that come in different shapes and sizes. The safes have 45-120 minutes fire proof protection and are burglary proof so only those with the combination can have access. We have electronic safes, keypad safes, and combination safes. Come by our store and test out our selection of safes. We are happy to help get you the safe you need, whether it be for your important documents, money or guns.

Our Safes and Vaults

Amsec CSC1413E1

THEN: $950.00



Amsec FS914

THEN: $269.99



Amsec est813

THEN: $149.99



amsec est916

THEN: $199.99



Amsec TF5924E5

THEN: $1,170.00



Amsec TF5517E5

THEN: $925.00



Amsec FV6042E5P

THEN: $1,899.00




If you are a Dallas homeowner or business, you should have a safe. Protection of important things such as money and files needs to be kept away from burglars and those who you don’t want to access. With our selection of safes, you are sure to find one that meets your needs. Need help finding the right safe for you? We are happy to answer all your questions.

Convenient to You

We are conveniently located in North Dallas, so you can come in and purchase your safe at any time. You can stop by our store and see the different options of safes we offer and test them out. Our friendly staff can answer your questions and make the right recommendation for you.

Affordable Safes

Our safes are offered at an affordable price and they are right here in Dallas. Our prices are listed below so you can compare our prices to prices elsewhere. When you purchase a safe with us, you can pick it up from the store or we can have it shipped to your location.

Burglary Proof

AMSEC Safes are pick proof. With a design that makes it hard to access without the correct combination, you can be sure your belongings are kept safe. In order to break into these safes would require an experienced locksmith or professional and would take a long time.

Combination Safes

These safes have been around for a very long time. Using a combination dial that is attached to a spindle, you are able to set a combination in order to unlock the safe. The dial must be manually turned so there is no way to hack the system.

Electronic Safes

Our electronic safes either use a keypad combination or use an electronic digital screen. These are easy-to-use and have high security protection. By entering in the combination, the mechanism unlocks electronically.

Fire Protection

Depending on the safe you purchase depends on the U.L. certified protection time of that particular safe. The range is from 45-120 minutes of fire protection. In such a case that the safe happened to be in a fire, you can have the assurance that your belongings inside can be saved.

Why Extra Locksmith?

At Extra Locksmith, we know that students like you have plenty of options when it comes to locksmith services in and around Dallas. We are confident that you won’t find better locksmith services in the area—and our student discounts are just part of the reason why. Some additional reasons to trust the experts at Extra Locksmith include:

Fully licensed, bonded and insured

Our company is completely credentialed; our license number appears on our website. We are also accredited with the Better Business Bureau.

Locally owned and operated

Unlike national chains, Extra Locksmith is locally owned and operated right in the DFW area. You never have to worry about being treated like a nameless, faceless number with us.

Cutting-edge technologies and equipment

Our Dallas locksmith company continually invests in the latest and best equipment, tools and technologies, allowing us to provide first-rate locksmith services quickly and for less.

Highly trained technicians

Extra Locksmith is staffed by expertly trained locksmith technicians who are familiar with all brands and designs. They respond regularly to local students’ calls for help, and they get the job done correctly the first time.

Free quotes

To help you save even more, we are pleased to offer free quotes for all services.

Affordable Dallas Safes For Sale

When you are looking for an affordable safe In Dallas you should consider checking out Extra Locksmith. Our store front in North Dallas in stocked with some of the best safes for your investment.