Residential Home Re-key in Dallas

Locks are not always required to be replaced, there are instances that you can opt for home rekey. You can go for a rekey unless there’s an essential component on the lock is damaged or if you want to replace it with a new lock. A reputable locksmith will always recommend this option to clients since not many of them are aware that not all locks need to be replaced when an emergency situation happens. Rekeying a lock is like having an improved and new lock. It’s more budget-friendly than trying to replace a new lock. The rekeying process is quick and takes about 15 minutes per lock cylinder. The only reason that it could take up some time is getting the lock cylinder uninstalled from the door. Each lock varies and some might take a longer time for removal compared to others.

By rekeying your locks, your home will have a renewed feel of security. This approach is cheaper because your old locks will still be used and there will be not much of hardware replacement. Rekeying the locks also helps homeowners sole control of their property. This improves the security of the house.

Some new homeowners have been in quite a dilemma on whether to rekey the locks of their doors. When you move into a house, you do not have the luxury of knowing how many people have had duplicates of keys for each door. The safest move that you can do is to rekey locks. By acting on this, you will be more secured about the fact that you are the only ones who have the new keys.

For residential home rekey in Dallas, Extra Locksmith Dallas is your smartest choice!

Dallas Home Re-key Service

Call us today to set up your appointment for house rekey service. We are always ready with our tools and equipment always by our side. Our trusted locksmith technicians will immediately examine your door lock’s condition and provide you an estimated time of completion. House lock rekey can be done correctly by a professional locksmith. The rekey process requires removing the lock cylinder from the lock and changing the pins inside the cylinder. The lock pins are changed so that the new pins will fit a new key and not the old key. The cylinder is then installed back into the lock. The rekey process is much quicker if the original key is present, but it the key is lost, it may take a little longer. Rest assured that you don’t have to wait too long for any home rekey in Dallas. You will have a new key working in the locks of your home in no time!


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Affordable House Re-key in Dallas

You don’t have to look far and wide for affordable residential rekey service in Dallas. Extra Locksmith Dallas provides affordable home rekey services because we have reasonable rates so you can get the best value for your money. Instead of replacing all locks, we offer affordable rekey service. Rekeying the locks in your home is the better option if you have no need to replace good locks. Another reason to rekey locks is if you replaced one lock in your home but it’s not the same key as the rest of the locks. A technician can rekey that new lock or locks so that you have one key working for your entire house. Our affordable residential rekey service in Dallas has unbeatable prices. You may call for a price quote over the phone and we can tell you a price depending on the type of lock you have and how many lock cylinders you are needing rekeyed. Contact us today for more information about our affordable home rekey in Dallas, Texas. 

Professional House Rekey in Dallas, TX

Extra Locksmith Dallas is your most reliable house rekey service. We are available to dispatch a technician out to your location when you need an immediate house rekey or when you want to set up an appointment. Extra Locksmith in Dallas also is available at our store front location if you already have the locks off the door and want to drop them off for our technician to rekey them in the store. This way you can go about your day and we will call you as soon as the locks are ready. We value the time of our clients that’s why we strive our best to have fastest turnaround time. Our professional locksmith technicians are highly skilled to do a house rekey as quickly and efficiently as possible. With a special rekey kit on hand and the right tools, they can rekey a lock cylinder in just a matter of minutes.

When you need your house locked rekeyed, you should always call a trusted professional locksmith company. Make sure you have a company that you can trust when you let them into your home. You don’t want an untrustworthy company to have access to your home and especially to make you a new key. Extra Locksmith Dallas is proud of our reputation on being a top Dallas Locksmith Company. All our technicians are backed up by us because we are a licensed, bonded, and insured company. When you use our house rekey service, you know that you are in good hands. 

If you need a reliable, effective and affordable residential Dallas locksmith service, just give us a call and we will be there right away!

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