Affordable  Lock Installation Services In Dallas.

The security of a house heavily depends on the locks on their doors and windows. Deciding which locks to use also plays an essential part keep each and every part of the house safe. Homeowners are suggested to use American National Standards Institute or ANSI Grade 1 Locks for exterior doors. Deadbolt locks are the ideal security option. The locks on your home’s doors should be part of your top priorities. Always make sure that each and every door, especially the exterior doors, has working locks. Burglars will always target doors that have faulty locks or ineffective security systems.

Your Families Safety

When you think about your locks, make sure that you think of it as an investment for your future. Your family’s safety and security would be compromised if you don’t replace your old door locks. If you settle for cheap locks that could be needing replacement in no time. In addition to choosing locks, you should prioritize home lock installation from professionals. We, at Extra Locksmith Dallas, are your most trustworthy and most reliable choice! Also, we offer top-quality yet affordable Dallas home lock installation service.

High-Quality House Lock Installations


Dallas Residential Lock Installations

A residential locksmith is your best bet to ensure proper and effective home lock installation. At Extra Locksmith, we promise that our highly-trained and experienced locksmiths will provide the best solutions for any house locksmith service needs. All of our locksmith technicians are fully certified and insured. We always come prepared with all the required tools and equipment for various door repair or home lock installations.

Extra Locksmith Dallas will ensure that you will get the best residential lock installation in Dallas, TX. Our best means that you won’t have to worry about a do-over because we will provide our service to the tee. We won’t leave your home without finishing the task and ensuring that your home is safe. Furthermore, our team of professionals are highly-skilled in any type of locks and doors that’s why we will guarantee you that you will get the best value for your money.

High Quality Deadbolt Installation Service in Dallas

When you are choosing the right security system for your home, remember that your safety starts with your front door. Deadbolt locks are known to be one of the best methods of securing your front door, as well as other doors throughout your home. In order to maximize your security, it is important to make sure the deadbolts you use are of high quality and installed properly. Fortunately, the experts at Extra Locksmith Dallas have you covered so you stay worry-free.

Added Security

Whether you have recently moved into your new house or are worried about crime in the neighborhood, it is important to secure your doors. A faulty deadbolt can compromise the security of your home. If you have a really old deadbolt that is on the verge of breaking, it’s time for an upgrade. There are so many different options these days when it comes to choosing the right deadbolt for your home. There are high-security locks, smart locks, and locks that work without even having a key. Trust Extra Locksmith in Dallas to take care of your deadbolt installation. We can recommend the best lock for you to fit your homes-security needs and your budget. Talk to our friendly staff or technician about our deadbolt installation service and making sure your home is always 100 percent secure. 

Doorknob Installation Service In Dallas

Extra Locksmith Dallas have specialized experts in our craft and our locksmiths can efficiently perform residential doorknob installation in Dallas, TX. A doorknob is a necessary part of your door. They may be single sided, double sided, or just a simple handle with no lock. Doorknobs are on every door of the house, whether it be for security or decoration purpose. Extra Locksmith in Dallas will install the doorknob of your choosing. We have a wide selection of doorknobs for any purpose in your home. Your front and back door doorknobs are the most important for security purpose. We recommend that you choose a doorknob that is secure. Though the deadbolt is the main form of security for your front and back doors, a good doorknob will help secure your home even more. Also, for options about our doorknob installation in Dallas, give us a call! 

Professional Residential Lock Installation Service

Extra Locksmith makes it a priority to provide highly satisfactory residential locksmith services to all our customers in Dallas and neighboring cities. Because we provide expert and affordable lock installation in Dallas by making sure that every job is performed by our licensed, insured, and bonded locksmith professionals to complete each job to precise specifications. It’s our mission to not only leave our customers satisfied with all the locksmith services we provide but to always be friendly and courteous throughout the task.

Deadbolt Replacement

From high-security locks to deadbolt lock replacement to keep your home and family safe, Extra Locksmith is a reputable locksmith company that you can trust. Our aim is to exceed your expectations by providing outstanding workmanship and dependable services that are unmatched. Lock installation should be handled by a professional locksmith company. You need someone you can trust to take care of your residential property. Extra Locksmith Lock Installation in Dallas, TX is sure to never disappoint. We have technicians with high levels of expertise in the field and can help you when choosing the right deadbolt or doorknob that meets your security needs and budget. Give us a call today at 214-484-4531 to set up your appointment for residential lock installation in Dallas, Texas. 

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