High-Quality Dallas Broken Key Extraction Service

If your key broke in the lock of your door when you were entering your house, you will need a professional Residential Locksmith in Dallas right away.  Here at Extra Locksmith, we have fully bonded, licensed and insured locksmiths to cater to all your residential locksmith needs. Our locksmiths are carefully trained to service all of your Dallas broken key extraction needs . We will always provide you with friendly and fast services and aim to satisfy all customers with our affordable locksmith services.

House Lock Broken Key Extraction In Dallas

Breaking your key in your door can be irritating, but here at Extra Locksmith Dallas we will make sure you’ll get back to your original routine as fast as possible. Our professional locksmiths will extract the broken key in an efficient and timely manner regardless of the make and model of your lock. We also offer emergency broken key extraction in Dallas along with a new key for a very affordable rate.

Our well-trained locksmiths can extract and replace your broken keys any time of the day. We don’t advise anyone to extract a broken key without a locksmith’s knowledge or proper tools as it can damage the lock further and can lead to more costly repairs in the future. With special key extracting tools, our expert technicians will carefully remove the broken piece of the key from the lock.

It’s important to call a professional locksmith when it comes to broken key extraction service, because an untrustworthy company can charge absurd amounts of money and may damage your property. Extra Locksmith in Dallas, TX has highly qualified technicians available when you break your key in your door lock. Everything that must be done in order to remove the key from the lock and make you a new one, will be explained beforehand. Customer satisfaction is important to us, and we want to make sure you are well informed and are able to answer all questions you may have. 

Affordable Broken Key Extraction

Commercial Lock Key Extraction In Dallas

A commercial lock key extraction can be a stressful situation because it is a place of work. As a business, we understand how irritating it can be when your key broke in your lock for your office, store, or commercial property. Operating a business is hard work, and you don’t want something like a commercial lock key extraction to interfere with daily business. If your key has broken in your storefront door, your office doorknob, or your commercial property lock, call Extra Locksmith Dallas right away. A professional locksmith technician  doorknob key extractionwill be sent out to the property right away to extract the key from the lock. Our job is to take care of your commercial lock extraction as quickly and carefully as possible, so your work or business can continue without interuption.

Dallas Lock Key Extractions Include:

  • Deadbolt key extraction
  • Doorknob key extraction
  • Commercial mortise lock key extraction
  • Padlock key extraction
  • Cabinet lock key extraction
  • Desk lock key extraction
  • Vehicle lock key extraction

Vehicle Lock Broken Key Extraction In Dallas

Just like with places of business and private residences, keys can get broken in cars too. Fortunately, our mobile automotive locksmiths can carefully extract your broken key from your vehicle. This can happen if your key is worn down or your locks are very old. A key can break easily if these are the cases. They may break in the door lock or in the ignition. Now, not only is your key stuck in the lock, but you also have no key to drive your vehicle. Calling a professional locksmith in Dallas, Texas should be your only option when you need a Vehicle Key Extraction.

Key Extraction

When your key breaks in the car door lock or the ignition, this is a very different circumstance than a residential or commercial key extraction. Vehicle locks and ignitions have very delicate mechanisms that can get damaged if a key breaks inside. Our technicians are highly skilled and have the proper tools in order to extract a key from your vehicle. They use careful techniques in order to not damage the car lock or ignition. Depending on the nature of the key break, sometimes there may be unrepairable damage. Once a technician is on site of the vehicle, he can assess the situation and determine what needs to be done. Of course, the goal of the technician is to remove the broken piece that has become stuck in the lock or ignition, but if the key has caused significant damage, you will always be well informed. 

Since car keys have become more sophisticated and modern over the years with transponders as well as other unique features, they can become expensive to replace after being broken. Extra Locksmith Dallas is proud to say that we have a team of well-trained and highly experienced locksmiths that not only provides affordable key extraction services, but we can also make a key replacement on the spot so you can get back on the road in no time.

Emergency Broken Key Extraction In Dallas

At Extra Locksmith in Dallas, Texas, we are available when you need it most for emergency broken key extractions in Dallas. We make sure that we have the right and state of the art equipment together with unmatched expertise so our locksmiths can solve your problem right away. We also make spare keys for offices, homes and vehicles. A lock key extraction should be handled by a professional locksmith and Extra Locksmith Dallas is just a phone call away. A technician will be sent out to your location in Dallas, as soon as we receive your call. We want to take care of your broken key extraction as quickly as possible, so you can go about your day. 

Extra Locksmith wants you to know that our locksmiths are all insured, bonded, and licensed. We offer upfront pricing so you know directly the cost of our services from the beginning of the transaction. Our professional locksmith technicians are available even on holidays and anytime you need a locksmith. Whether it is a broken key extraction, a key or lock replacement, a lockout, or security consultations, Extra Locksmith is always ready to help you with all of your security and lock needs. We are residential, commercial, and automotive locksmiths who are always proud of what we do and gladly look forward to serving our community in Dallas.

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