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Dallas Key-Less Entry Service

At least once in our lives, we are faced with the inconvenience of lost or broken keys. Each day, many of us also experience the hassle of fumbling through our keyrings and keychains, struggling to find the right key for each lock. This daily struggle does not only provide a significant amount of stress, but also wastes precious time and effort. Furthermore, the picking of conventional lock-and-key mechanisms has become a widely practiced skill among thieves and burglars. Fortunately, in this day and age, technology has provided us with several new means of access and security in the form of key-less entry systems and mechanisms. If you’re struggling with these day-to-day key-related issues and you’re living in the Dallas area, Extra Locksmith has exactly what you need.

Key-Less Entry Installation In Dallas

Commercial space owners and business operators know the struggles of dealing with locks and keys. Having to deal with multiple similar-looking keys or relying solely on a master key can have their own fair shares of issues regarding convenience and safety. As such, it’s no wonder why more and more establishment owners are choosing to use more complex security systems such as those equipped with electronic keyboards and biometric scanners. Because we understand this need, we at Extra Locksmith are happy to extend our Dallas key-less entry installation and other commercial locksmith services. Our Dallas commercial locksmith services would be glad to equip your business with any and all of your key-less entry needs.

Our team of highly-skilled commercial locksmiths boast extensive knowledge regarding a wide variety of key-less entry mechanisms and systems. Equipped with the most technologically advanced tools, our commercial locksmiths in Dallas are prepared to install several different key-less entry security systems to doors, vaults, windows, storage areas, and other access points. All of our services boast speed, affordability and precision, guaranteeing you the very best for your hard-earned money. In addition, our expert team of locksmiths would be glad to provide you with suggestions and recommendations regarding the best key-less entry security system set-up for your business and/or commercial space.


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Key-Less Entry Lock Out In Dallas

When it comes to business, we realize that time and promptness is crucial. As such, we at Extra Locksmith are proud to extend our emergency Dallas key-less entry services 24 hours a day, 365 days in the year. Never find yourself locked out of your business or unable to resume formal operation due to security system errors. Our emergency response teams are available to solve all of your lockout issues regardless of weather, season, or time.

No matter what your key-less entry system may be, our expert team of commercial locksmiths are capable of reprogramming, rebooting, and restoring security systems quickly and efficiently. Whether you’ve forgotten your access code or having problems with biometrics, our emergency teams will be there to help. All of our emergency Dallas key-less entry services are fully licensed, bonded, and insured. Our locksmiths boast pleasing personalities and strong senses of professionalism. As such, they would be glad to address any questions, comments and concerns you may have so that you don’t have to worry about any accessibility issues, security breaches or Dallas key-less entry lock outs in the future.

Key-Less Entry Repair In Dallas

Extra Locksmith also extends Dallas key-less entry repair services that are both affordable and reliable. Our Dallas commercial locksmith services cover both emergency and non-emergency repair requests that cater to all kinds of clientele. Whether you’re looking to have your key-less entry system repaired, upgraded, or replaced, our expert team of commercial locksmiths are sure to provide quality services every time. Our team would also gladly provide routine checks of your entire commercial security system set-up to make sure that all of your locking mechanisms are at all in pristine working order.

When it comes to keeping your commercial space safe and secure, you should never settle for anything short of the best. If you’re looking to have a key-less entry security system installed, looking to upgrade your current security system, or in need of an emergency repair service, Extra Locksmith has you covered. We pride ourselves in being the most affordable, most reliable commercial locksmith in Dallas. Any and all of our commercial locksmith services are just a simple call away.