Dallas Access Control

All responsible business owners understand just how valuable their commercial spaces are. Each piece of equipment and small renovation made to a commercial space stands to be a significant investment. Business owners also understand how crucial it is to equip their establishments with Access Control that limit access solely to trusted individuals. Because we understand this pressing need, we provide you with affordable and reliable access control systems throughout the Dallas area.

Our extensive access control Dallas services cover everything from the installation, programming, upgrading, and repairing of access control security systems. Whether you’re looking to provide a new security system with access control or looking to upgrade your current security system.  Our expert locksmiths will gladly provide you with everything you need to provide complete protection for your commercial space. Our Dallas commercial locksmith services extend to the provision of high-quality security systems. Accessories such as scanners and keypads. All of our highly-competent locksmiths will be glad to provide you with suggestions regarding the most ideal security systems.  We also recommend setups for your business or space. If you are interested in access control for your commercial property, call us today to set up an appointment for a free estimate. 


Access Control Repairs in Dallas

Access control systems are generally more complex than the conventional lock-and-key systems. As such, damage or programming errors can have great implications for security system effectivity and reliability. Problems can occur at any time for any number of reasons. Often leaving owners left without alternative security measures, leaving their business vulnerable or inaccessible. Fortunately, we provide emergency commercial locksmith services such as access control system repairs and replacements all throughout the Dallas area.

Just like all of Extra Locksmith’s commercial locksmith offerings, our emergency access control services run 365 days a year. Never find yourself locked out or unable to access your security system. Or find yourself struggling to get your access control system working. 

Free Access Control Quote In Dallas

We provide free consultations and quotations for all of your access control and other commercial locksmith needs. We provide complete information and comprehensive breakdowns of all our fees so that you are never caught off guard. Furthermore, we have some of the most affordable access control installations, upgrades and repairs in the Dallas area. At Extra Locksmith Dallas, you are always guaranteed both quantity and quality in all of our services.

We guarantee the complete authenticity of all of our offered services. Being fully licensed, bonded and insured, we seek to provide the highest quality service. Also, all of our locksmiths boast extensive knowledge in a wide variety of commercial services, and advanced skills. Our locksmiths will gladly walk you through each and every one of our procedures. Furthermore, they are more than ready to answer any questions, comments or concerns you may have along the way. 

Affordable Digital Lock Installations In Dallas

Sometimes, a simple lock and key mechanisms are not enough to provide full peace of mind for the security of your business. Because we understand this, we provide efficient and affordable digital lock services for all commercial spaces in the Dallas area. Whether you’re looking to increase security on entrances, doors, and offices, our digital locks are perfect for you.

We provide a wide array of electronic and digital locks. We provide everything from simple keycard-compatible locks to more advanced high-security locks that are compatible with your phone or tablet. Our team of commercial locksmiths would be happy to provide various digital lock options. That also, accommodate your security needs, ideal budgets, and commercial space setups for all of our clients. Through our professional commercial consultation services, we’ll make sure that all of your security needs are fully met.


Our services also extend to the reprogramming of digital locks, as well as emergency digital lockout assistance. We provide digital lock repair services for locks that are damaged in break-ins, electrical malfunctions, No matter what the circumstance! Our locksmiths are trained to offer you the most satisfactory services for all of your digital lock needs. Furthermore, our expert locksmiths would be happy to reprogram your digital locks to accommodate new keys and codes. So you can easily regain access control for your business or commercial space.

At Extra Locksmith in Dallas, TX, we pride ourselves in providing affordable digital lock installations and commercial locksmith services. We ensure that all of our rates are free from extra costs or hidden charges. Our locksmiths won’t complete a job without providing you with the information you need to know regarding pricing and procedures. Furthermore, to ensure that you know exactly what to expect when you hire us, we provide a free digital lock quote. With us, you’ll receive only the best possible locksmith services that will save you time, effort, and your hard earned money.

Dallas Electronic Keypad Services

When it comes to your business, advanced security and reliable access control is always a good investment. Because an electronic keypad installation is a great option for your commercial property. At Extra Locksmith Dallas, we provide the absolute best electronic keypad installation. Our highly trained team of commercial locksmiths boast extensive knowledge and skill in high-security systems.  Also, in electronic keypads for all of our customers. With expert installations and careful programming, we ensure that our electronic keypad installation services will provide your commercial space with safety and security.  An electronic keypad will save you time, and money.  Provides more safety because it will also allow you to program entry codes for individuals with approved access. This is a great security system for businesses or stores looking to have an easy access for employers. Yet still maintaining high-security of the property.

Our experienced team of commercial locksmiths provides safe and efficient electronic keypad repairs, replacements, and upgrades. Whether you’re in need of a new electronic security system or seeking to improve your existing one, you’re covered. When you choose Extra Locksmith in Dallas, you’re choosing one of the most reliable locksmith services in the DFW area.

We pride ourselves in being the most affordable electronic keypad installation service provider in the Dallas area. Providing some of the most competitive rates, we work hard to provide up-front pricing and eliminating any hidden charges. We are also proud to provide a free electronic keypad quote in the Dallas Area. That way you will know exactly what to expect when you hire us. Our technicians will never start a job without providing you with all the necessary information regarding cost and necessary procedures.

Dallas Key-Less Entry Service

At least once in our lives, we are faced with the inconvenience of lost or broken keys. Each day, many of us also experience the hassle of fumbling through our keyrings and keychains. Also, struggling to find the right key for each lock. This daily struggle does not only provide a significant amount of stress but also wastes precious time and effort. Furthermore, the picking of conventional lock-and-key mechanisms has become a widely practiced skill among thieves and burglars. Fortunately, Technology has provided us with several new means of access and security like key-less entry systems.

If you’re struggling with day-to-day key-related issues and you’re living in the Dallas area, we have exactly what you need. Commercial property owners and business operators know the struggles of dealing with locks and keys. Having to deal with multiple similar-looking keys or relying solely on a master key can have their own fair shares of issues regarding convenience and safety. It’s no wonder why more and more business owners are choosing to use more complex security systems.   Such as those equipped with electronic keypads and biometric scanners. Because we understand this need, we are happy to extend our Dallas key-less entry installation service to all of Dallas. 

Key-Less Entry Installation In Dallas

Our team of highly-skilled commercial locksmiths has extensive knowledge regarding a wide variety of key-less entry mechanisms and systems. Equipped with the most technologically advanced tools, our commercial locksmiths in Dallas are prepared to install several different key-less entry security systems to any commercial property. Providing locksmiths that are glad to provide you with suggestions and recommendations regarding the best key-less entry security system set-up for your business and/or commercial space. A keyless entry for your business can include a fob key, a card, or a smart scanner. Also, a keyless entry option can be programmed for users who you want to have access to the property, and can easily be programmed to add or delete users.

If you are having trouble with your current system, we are just a phone call away. Our access control specialist has dealt with all sorts of concerns when it comes to keyless entry systems. They are capable of reprogramming, rebooting, and restoring security systems quickly and efficiently. Whether you’ve forgotten your access code or having problems with biometrics, our emergency teams will be there to help.

If you’re looking to have a keyless entry security system installed, looking to upgrade your current security system, or in need of an emergency repair service, Extra Locksmith Dallas has you covered. We will also be glad to address any questions, comments, and concerns you may have so that you don’t have to worry about any accessibility issues security breaches.

Keypad And Card Access Services

Extra Locksmith specializes in a wide variety of access control systems, such as keypad card installations that give your business the protection it needs. Keypad card access control systems can allow entry with the use of a keypad or swipe card and can also track arrival or departure times. They also allow access to authorized areas and prevent them from gaining entry to off-limit areas. No matter how many employees your business has, all door access control systems that we install are easily managed. Our Keypad or swipe card access control systems can be used on multiple doors or just one door throughout different locations. These access control systems can also track an employee from the time they enter the building to the time they leave. Contact Extra Locksmith today regarding  Keypad Card System Repair and Installation services in Dallas.

Dallas Intercom System Installations

In larger commercial spaces, communication often becomes difficult. With several different offices and departments, it can become hard to connect with the people we need to get to. However, Extra Locksmith Dallas provides a quick and reliable solution. Also, using a commercial-grade intercom system, your company can have a constant open line of communication that allows you to reach anyone and everyone in your commercial space. By simply pushing a button, you can instantly provide individual instructions and company-wide announcements in a simple and efficient way.

We provide affordable intercom system installations for all commercial spaces within the DFW area. Our intercom installations in Dallas is designed to provide you with fast and reliable means of communication that covers every inch of your commercial space. Covering everything from small businesses, large commercial spaces, and major corporations. Whether you’re looking for a means of maintaining communication, an easier way to connect with your employees, or simply seeking a new way to improve employee motivation and proficiency in your workplace, our affordable intercom system installations are here to help.

Access Control Dallas

At Extra Locksmith, we provide high-quality intercom system installations and repairs that efficient and affordable. We pride ourselves in supplying intercom systems that can efficiently relay all of your messages with clarity and adequacy. Our professional intercom system technicians have years of field experience, training, and skills. Thus helping us give you a system you deserve, all throughout the Dallas area. No matter how simple or complex your intercom system needs are, you can be sure that our expert commercial Dallas locksmiths will provide you with top-notch installation services every single time.

We care about all of our individual clients. As such, we seek to provide them with services that cater to each of their individual needs. Our commercial locksmiths provide expert commercial advice specifically designed for our clients. Because our locksmiths will be happy to provide suggestions and recommendations. The most ideal intercom system setups that will cater to your needs. Alos, the technicians provide comprehensive intercom system services that accommodate everything from commercial space wiring to the client’s budget.

Magnetic Lock Installation in Dallas, TX

Magnetic locks are ideal for businesses, but are exceptionally complex. That is why they need to be installed or repaired by knowledgeable locksmith professionals. We stand ready for Dallas magnetic lock installations and repairs to assure you will be serviced at all hours. We have the expertise and experience to advise you on what type of magnetic lock or other security and access control system is ideal for the security needs of your business. These locks work by electromagnets that when a current is passed through, it will keep the door locked. Because they work on energy, they require special wiring that can be done by a professional. 

Professional Dallas Magnetic Lock Services

Our major goal is to make sure that you are satisfied with our professional and prompt commercial locksmith services. Here at Extra Locksmith, we want to ensure that your business is at its highest security. Magnet lock installation is a great option for keeping your commercial property secure. These are high security locks that cannot be picked or drilled like regular door locks. To learn more about our magnet lock installation in Dallas, please give us a call. We will be happy to answer all your questions and send an access control specialist to your commercial property for a free estimate. 

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