Dallas Commercial Locksmith Service

Extra Locksmith Dallas has the most reliable and most affordable Dallas commercial locksmith services. Utilizing locksmith techniques and the most advanced equipment! Our Dallas commercial locksmith technicians are more than ready to provide high-quality results that are specifically catered to each individual client. With everything from business lock installation to security system upgrading! our professional commercial locksmith services are perfect for all of your Dallas commercial locksmith needs. Whether you’re looking to enhance your current business’ security, rekey your commercial locks and door levers.   Maybe you simply are in need of a locksmith’s assistance to fix a lock, we’ll be there for you.

We realize that all business owners are different. While some may prefer to rely on more conventional security methods. However, others may focus on the simple lock-and-key, other owners may prefer to rely on technologically advanced security measures. In order to satisfy the needs of different clients, all of our Dallas commercial locksmith technicians have been trained to provide a wide array of expert locksmith services. Regardless of how basic or how new-age your security preferences may be, our commercial locksmith services have you covered.

Professional Commercial Locksmith in Dallas

Extra Locksmith in Dallas is professional locksmith company. Our expert locksmith technicians are equipped with all necessary tools and knowledge in order to provide the best locksmith service. We are a trusted Dallas locksmith company, providing commercial locksmith service to Dallas and the surrounding areas. Our services include emergency locksmith services such as being lockout out of your office. You can count on us to be at your location as quickly as possible. For security systems or new locks installation for your commercial property, call us to schedule an appointment. Whatever locksmith concern you may have for your business, feel free to call and speak with a representative or technician. 


We Provide:

Access Control

Providing physical security by limiting those with permission to enter specific areas of your business.  By equipping it with one of Extra Locksmith’s carefully programmed and installed access control systems.

Keyless entry system with 2 cards

Keyless Entry

If you’re looking to enhance your commercial security as well as eliminate the hassle of having to deal with lost or broken keys. let us provide your business with a safe yet simple to use keyless entry security system option.

Lock cylinder and lock pins dissembled

Business Rekey Service

If you’re renting out a business space and are worried about who has access to your business. Extra Locksmith Dallas is happy to provide business rekey services that will allow you to regain sole access to your business space with the use of our carefully crafted keys.

Lady entering combination on intercom

Intercom System

Because we know that communication is key in the maintenance and security of a business. Extra Locksmith provides intercom system installations that allow you to keep an open line of communication with any and all areas of your commercial space at all times.

Demo electronic keypad lock

Electronic Keypad

Let us make your commercial space accessible by only those you trust when you equip it with an electronic keypad.  We carefully program it to work only with your selected access code.

Digital Lock Install

Forget the days of fumbling for keys or locking yourself out. Extra Locksmith provides installation services that cater to a wide array of digital locks that include RFID, biometric, and Bluetooth compatibility.

Lock that requires a card to unlock

Keypad Card Access

Let us equip your commercial space with a variety of advanced standalone digital keypads and proximity card reader security systems that are safe, economical, conventional and easy on the eyes.

Large rekey kit with variety of lock pin sizes

Master Key

Don’t waste any more time fumbling around to find the right key. With the help of Extra Locksmith’s carefully crafted master keys, you can have access to every inch of your commercial space.

Picture of a lock holding together by a magnet

Magnetic Locks

Guard your business from conventional lock picking methods when you hire us to install fail-secure electromagnetic locks to the doors that guard the most valuable areas of your commercial space.

High security lock inside of its package

High Security Lock

Never again will you have to worry about burglaries, break-ins, or any other unwanted criminal acts when you secure your commercial space with some of Extra Locksmith’s reliable and affordable high security locks.

Lock on a business door

Business Lock Installation

No matter what your commercial security system needs may be, Extra Locksmith is prepared to equip your business with a wide variety of locking mechanisms that will keep your space free from harm.

Unlocking a commercial door lock with tools

Business Lockout Service

Never find yourself locked out of your commercial space again. With the help of Extra Locksmiths emergency lockout services, you can quickly regain access to your business without having to worry about breaking down doors or windows.

Panic bar on a door

Panic Bar Installation

Emergency situations can create confusion and stress, making even the easiest tasks seem difficult. When you equip your emergency exits with a panic bar, exiting the building can be as easy as a simple push of a bar.

Emergency Exit Door

Never find yourself helpless in an emergency situation. Extra Locksmith is ready to install easy-to-use mechanisms to your emergency exits so that you and your employees always have an easy way out.

 Commercial Account Set up

All of our products and services come fully licensed, bonded, and insured. At Extra Locksmith, we guarantee that all our offerings are of high quality, completely legal, and extensively secure in all aspects.

Emergency Commercial Locksmith In Dallas

At Extra Locksmith we are proud to extend emergency commercial locksmith services to all of our clients in need. We provide immediate commercial locksmith services in Dallas so that you are protected from lockouts at all times. Our emergency response teams work 365 days a year, including holidays. No matter where you are in the Dallas area, we’ve got you covered for all of your emergency locksmith needs. Whether you need us to open doors, repair locks, or deal with broken keys, we will be there for you.

We know the importance of security in a workplace so it’s important to call a trusted locksmith company. Our commercial locksmiths have extensive knowledge, expert skills and pleasing personalities. Our locksmiths would gladly address all questions, comments, and concerns so that you are never left in the dark. We will walk you through all of our procedures and provide upfront pricing, so there are never any hidden fees. 

Our emergency commercial locksmith services is one that you can rely on. No matter what your commercial locksmith needs may be, our fully licensed, bonded, and insured services will be there for you. If you get locked out of your business because the lock is broke or you misplaced your key, a technician will be sent to the location right away. 

two commercial door locks

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