Dallas Ignition Replacement and Ignition Repairs

Having car ignition problems can be extremely frustrating especially when trying to find a reliable Ignition repair locksmith. Our Dallas Ignition locksmiths specialize in diagnosing your ignition problems and providing you with a solution and investment options. Based on the type of vehicle you own will vary on the difficulty involved to repair or replace your ignition.

However, some vehicles require special tools in order to remove or even get to the ignition in itself.  Because of our years of experience with vehicle ignition replacements, we have the right tools and equipment. There are so many possibilities as to why your ignition might be malfunctioning or not working at all. All things our locksmiths will go over with you and explain the most cost-effective solutions. If a key has broken inside the ignition our locksmiths are able to extract your key without causing any damage.

Common Ignition problems

Schedule an appointment to have one of our highly experienced ignition locksmiths to diagnose the problem.

  • Old car ignition broke
  • Key stuck or broke in the ignition
  • Ignition switch damaged
  • wafers broken or worn down
  • An object lodged in the ignition
  • coil failure

Dallas Ignition Replacement Services

Extra Locksmith is a well known trusted Dallas locksmith for your car ignition replacement needs. We have professional locksmiths that specialize in vehicle ignition replacements at affordable rates. Our car ignition replacement service covers most vehicles depending on the year, make and model. When your vehicle’s ignition is irreparable, then a new ignition must be installed. There are many reasons why the car may need the ignition replaced.

Our Dallas locksmith ignition specialists have years of experience and are equipped with all the necessary tools and parts. Ensuring a smooth ignition replacement that will come with a warranty on work performed. Our locksmiths are mobile and are able to come to your location.

Diagnosing the ignition and replacing

There are various components that make up the ignition and there may be a part that may be broken or not working properly. One of our ignition specialists will be sent out to your vehicle to diagnose the problem. They will determine the cause of the issue and will always try to repair it first. Sometimes the car ignition is beyond repair and must be replaced. Before starting any job, our technician will go over with you everything that needs to be done/ Explaining all of your investment options for your vehicle.

Our friendly locksmiths are here for any questions you may have about your vehicle. Schedule an appointment today to have your ignition diagnosed.

Dallas Ignition Repairs

A faulty ignition can cause more issues in the long run if it’s not serviced. When your car is having trouble turning over or a hard time putting your key into the ignition. This may be a sign that your ignition needs to be serviced. Calling us to determine the problem with your vehicle’s ignition can you time and money.

Ignition Components & Repairing the problem

The different components of the ignition are the ignition switch, the cylinder, the coil and the wafers. If something is wrong with your car’s ignition, our locksmiths will have to check and confirm which component is malfunctioning. The most common problem when your car doesn’t start is because of a wiring issue in the ignition switch. This is noticeable when you try to turn on the car and it has trouble cranking up.

Another common problem is if you are having trouble inserting your key in the ignition. It may not be that your key is old but that the ignition wafers are worn down. A lot of these common issues with the ignition can be repaired.

Affordable Dallas Ignition Repairs

Extra Locksmith is here to resolve your car ignition needs. We provide excellent service and affordable pricing solutions for your ignition needs. If something is wrong with your vehicle’s ignition, our car ignition repair services may be for you. When you call Extra Locksmith we send out one of our locksmiths to your location. Our locksmith will diagnose the ignition and provide a resolution for the issue occurring.